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Confintea VI in Action

In December 2009, in Belém, Brazil, the 6th CONFINTEA conference was held for adults. The style of CONFINTEA VI was (and is) to reinforce the idea of lifelong learning (LLL).
A number of recommendations were adopted at the conference and a series of guidelines for organizations and institutions in the field of adult education. The document, which summarizes the recommendations and guidelines on the subject of adult literacy, governance, finance, social participation and value and quality of education, is a "Belém" framework.

Although the Belém-framework has undergone a lot of praise that covers a very wide area, there was also criticism. A major critic is that the Belém-BRF held a "global" perspective. The guidelines and recommendations should be more specific and focus on the regional and national levels.

That is what we have founded in CONFINTEA VI in Action. The Belém-framework will be for people and organizations in Southeastern Europe of concrete, tangible and applicable solutions.CONFINTEA VI in action is the concrete translation of the guidelines and recommendations of Belém for the reality of life in South East Europe: What needs to be done to promote lifelong learning and adult education in this part of Europe?

A second important motive for CONFINTEA VI in Action is that adult education and lifelong learning often have a negative image. "Adult education is something for seniors who are otherwise bored." But this view is considered obsolete for a long time. Lifelong learning in Europe today is a socio-political necessity if the problems of the future will be resolved.CONFINTEA VI in Action makes advertising for adult education and lifelong learning a dynamic concept that help the individual further, and not only to integrate themselves in the economy.