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Tracking Study - "Follow-up by the training centers Kosovo.

01-30, November - 2010- The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (Albanian: MPMS) or the department of labor and employment, has established since 2000 Training Center in 8 regions of Kosovo in order to alleviate unemployment in Kosovo. This was accomplished by providing free training and certification for persons who were registered as unemployed in regional employment centers allows.

After 10 years of effective and successful training center this manner of functionality has no direct interviews with persons who have completed this training. The lack of direct and sustained data has meant that accurate statistics are lacking on the effect of employability and employment of trainees will also provide.

The treatise of interviews with trained Personnel after the completion of the courses was required in order to create a tracking system for the unemployed and the conditions for their extensive training to provide results to their successful employmentThe interviews will measure the actual measurement of the effectiveness of employment and labor market requirements.

The ARrK Association (DVV International) is active since 2005 as a non-profit organization from the objective of supporting and developing structures of adult education in Kosovo; an extremely important partner for the Association of Kosovo.

Because of the need to increase the effectiveness of a tracking systems, that should be of service in these training centers after the training completion, the ARrK Association is manually performing research and interviews for internal evaluation of the MPMS.