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Qualifications for the National Authority (QNA) Workshop

Prishtina.11 February. 2011- In the context of supporting the development of the National 

Qualifications in Kosovo, in cooperation with the National Authority Qualifications, theworkshop which was held , the challenges of education increase in Kosovo ". The objectives of this workshop were presented the existing situation and challenges of adult education in Kosovo, the diversity of actors relevant involved in adult education in Kosovo and the role of Framework and the Association to improve adult education in Kosovo. 

The workshop began with presentations as follows: "Adult Education in Kosovo in the context of organization DVV International "by Ramadan Aliu; 

-"Real situation and challenges of non-formal education in Kosovo" by Aferdita Jaha; 
-"Labor Market Challenges and Perspectives Training Professional "by Jehona Namani. 
While the main points discussed at the meeting were: Definition of adult education under Kosovo's law; 
Development policies and legislation on education of adults in Kosovo; 

 Current status of adult education in Kosovo and financial resources; 

Cooperation in national and international aid long-term sustainability of donor and adult education; 
Needs ensuring the sustainability of adult education; 
Organizing learning for adults in vocational schools; 
To statistical data on adult education in Kosovo; 
Requirements for adult education in achieving learning, curriculum, profiles, etc. 
Situation of unemployment and involvement in the training of adults; 
Review of progress Education and Training Centers 
Vocational adult education and the priority of MPMS; 
Develop new programs for adult education and the need to unify their Technology (MEST has developed, even though some of them, which are mandatory for professional schools 
provide education for adults); 
Powers, role and responsibility as an institution QNA government about the development of professional standards and development qualifications, as well as training of members of the development QNA standards of qualifications; 
Various differences in treatment programs public versus private schools from the various ministries; 
The lack of training of teachers for adult education
Donor The problems facing not functioning QNA institution responsible for coordinating and developing professional standards and qualifications; 

Development and cooperation with MPMS and Education Centers Vocational training, cooperation with municipalities and donors provide education for adults.