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Conference- "CONFINTEA-VI as an incentive in Kosovo"

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Kosovo and international DVV Regional Office for South-East Europe organized a conference,,, CONFINTEA-VI as an incentive in Kosovo "which was held on: 25 February, at the Hotel Prishtina, in February Prishtinë.25 in Hotel Prishtina, Pristina. 

The main objective of the event was to be announced to participants and providers of education in Kosovo with regard to " Belemit Framework for Action "- the final document of the international conference on adult education from CONFINTEA-VI (held in Brazil, December 2009) , Eastern Europe and guidelines for the presentation of the website Confintea VI in Action. 


Participants of the event were representatives of state institutions and various educational organizations and representatives from foreign donors who are acting in the field of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in Kosovo. 

Conference was opened by Mr. Ali Ramadan, to proceed with the presentation "Current situation of Adult Education in Kosovo" by Ms. Radica Berishaj - Head of sector - lifelong learning within the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology by Mr. Ali Ramadan, the presentation on the progress achieved to Adult Education in Kosovo "before and after Confintea VI" and z.Norbert Kuijpers, regional project coordinator,, Confintea VI in action " BFA Matrix presented recommendations for Eastern Europe and website Confintea VI in Action. 
The audience was presented with a booklet "Living and learning for a sustainable future": The power of education to increase, "published by DVV International Central Office for South-East Europe. 
The working groups organized the second half of the conference, participants had discussed the development and resolution of issues such as government policies, funding participation, and quality of education of adults