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The elaboration of history from multi-perspective and multicultural aspect

Prizren- On June 22nd and 23rd of 2011, in Prizren, a two-day workshop was held on the topic of “The elaboration of History from Multi-perspective and Multicultural aspect”, in which representatives of some regional countries participated; such as Albania, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo.The organizers of this workshop were; the regional bureau of dvv international in Sarajevo as well as the national bureau of dvv international in Kosovo.

Regarding to the history and archeology of Kosovo, more precisely the town of Prizren, spoke the director of the Archaeological Institute of Kosovo, Enver Rexha. He presented the projects that have supported the development of archeology in Kosovo, with a specific emphasis on those that are in implementation.

Furthermore in the workshop the project “Multicultural Education” was presented forwarded  by ARrK association and dhe NGO “KEC”. The representative of “Kosovo Education Center” organization Petrit Tahiri on this occasion introduced the idea of the multicultural education development. 

In this seminary all the countries were presented.The representatives of Kosovo made the presentation of the activities of the Archaeological Institute of Kosovo, they came out with the ideas, challenges, and the progress of some projects that are as yet implementing, such as “Ulpiana” , “The Archeological Map” etc. Moreover, from the representatives of “IAK” the antiquity of multiculturalism in the town of Prizren was presented.

The delegates from Albania gave a special importance to archeology, the discovery of the national values that tell about the national identity. Among other things they stressed out the importance of the increase of attraction and the archeological values at the new generations, more precisely “The conversion of the museum in an entertainment ground”.

BIH made the presentation of the edition “Do you know that?” by Enes Cargo where a lot of interesting things about the history are explained.

Macedonia – among the presentations of archeological video projects, they talked about the importance of preservation of archeology and about the archeological hard work. They said that it is really important that dhe archeologists know how to make their work attractive. According to them, the archeologists should “attack” the audience with their various activities, so that they can gain their attention.

Serbia: - From the representatives of Serbia a historical documentary about the museum of Belgrade “Josip Broz Tito”, the times of socialism.

The second day of the workshop was focused on the summing up of the ideas for a mutual regional project. These were the proposals made by the participants;

The first proposal: the preservation of archeology and development of the values. This project proposal derives from the big need of the countries for the preservation and the cultivation of the archeological means, which is a costly activity. The delegates stressed out that such a project would help the increase of the values and the preservation of the cultural legacy of Balkans, the maintenance of the archeological values, in a word the increase of the capacities. They spoke about the great need of the countries for the material device regarding to;

The conservation of the ethnographic material, providing with the devices for the archeological work, and sending the groups from all the regions to the specialized countries for training on the conservation of the archeological work.

The second proposal: The collective mobile exhibition, the Balkanic exhibition. 

Organizing a mobile exhibition through the Balkan countries with the initiative of an opening day in the native country. This exhibition would contain the historical archeology of the representative places, it could also be video filmed, and so it would travel in all the other countries. Within this exhibition, there would also be presentation of the local museums presented, places where they could be exhibited should be more like public places, airports, banks, there should be an advanced publication of the holding of the.