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Our strategy in Montenegro



1. Cooperation with german, european and international organizations

The society for international cooperation has had a long presence in MNE with the project "occupational Partner" and thus has been one of the most important international partners. Since the topics of the projects that dvv-intl and GIZ have been working on are similar (Improvement of occupational and adult education), the constant exchange of information during the last year has has equally become important to avoid duplicating work. GIZ quit its project work in MNE at the end of 2011. Therefore, it will be important to identify other international donors in the area of (adult) education and to establish contact with them. (Da ist ein falsches wort im deutschen originaltext). Man bleibt nicht in kontakt mit leuten die man ueberhaupt nicht kennt. This will not be a simple task. Since many small international organizations are working with many small local organizations and because there is no common basis for the completed projects in MNE, it will be a challenge to accompany the workof a large spectrum of organizations.

2. Partnership structures and target groups

The center for occupational education (VET center) and the Maritime School Kotor will be the primary partners for project work in MNE. Because of its good cooperative work in the last years, the VET center ranges far above the other organizations in MNE. Moreover, the spectrum of activities that can be executed jointly with this partner organization is far broader than with any other organization. The VET center, which is not only supported by dvv international, reaches a range of vastly different target groups through its activities. The Maritime School Kotor is a new partner organization. It is not customary to not cooperate with a new partner organization in its last of three years of support. The selection is based on the fact that this school realizes projects for which there exists a great interest in all countries of the region. Since the only further measure of assistance in MNE is limited to linking to regional measures, the support of this organization and thus the possibility of linking to the future regional project and the possibility of exchange are important.

Other regional partners that dvvinternational has a regular information exchangewith are the ministry of education, the chamber of commerce, the gender equality office, the human resources management authoritz and the agency for work.