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Third Regional Andragogy Academy of South Eastern Europe

  Prishtina - 09th -13th.May 2012. “Quality Assurance in Adult Education Institutions”- After two successful Regional Andragogy Academies, the third Academy gathered representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.19 Participants came from both governmental and non-governmental institutions, thus making a very good participation structure for this three-day workshop.    

Following the introductory remarks of the dvv international representative, Mr. Ramadan Alija, and after the introduction of participants and members of ARA Academy      - Andragogy professor, Šefika Alibabić PhD, and PhD Andragogy studies candidate from Belgrade, Jelena Jekovlević, the agenda was introduced. At the beginning, through very sophisticated methods of work with adults, trainers used the question “what can I see, hear and taste in your city within thirty minutes” to involve the group in the discussion of the quality issue.

During their work with group, their light motive was the principle that the quality at work in general, and that of the work with adults in particular, is achieved when the Quality becomes a conviction .

A general problem in the quality assurance in the adult education institutions is the fact of being to wide domain for evaluation, implying the quality standards and criteria in the field of activities, programs, processes and people.     

To this end, four pillars in adult education have been identified: knowledge, will, honesty and patience.     

Second working day started with the visit to the Vocational Education and training Centre in Prishtina , which is one of the seven regional centers operating under the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

 European quality assurance models were introduced on the third day. 

·          TQM (Total Quality Management)

·          Business organization models ISO 9001;

·          English model of human resource investment;

·          Swiss model eduQua – quality management in education;  

·          German model -LQW- quality management in adult education;

·          EFQM-European Quality Management Framework.

Through this training course participants acquired following competencies:  

He/she understands:

-         Importance of establishing an adult education quality assurance system;

-         The essence and importance of indicators, standards and criteria of adult education;

-         Importance and function of evaluation in setting and enhancing the quality;

-         Essence and features of various models of quality assurance and management system in adult education institutions.  

Is capable of:  

       -         Precisely formulating adult education quality indicators;

-         Distinguishing EU models of quality assurance for adult education institutions;

-         Using evaluation techniques and instruments of various aspects of adult education (institutions, programs, processes and staff);

-         Implementing “Quality House” as a basic model of TQM in adult education.