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Lobbywork „confintea VI in action“

In 2009, the 6th UN conference on adult education – CONFINTEA - was held. The goal of CONFINTEA VI was (and still is) to strengthen the idea of "living and learning for a viable future; the power of adult learning". In order to achieve this goal a set of guidelines and recommendations had been developed, the so called "Belém Framework for Action". Our lobbywork „confintea VI in action“ contributes to put these guidelines and recommendations in practice and make a difference.

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European Harmonization

Our neighbours in the South-East of Europe – Bosnia-Hercegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia – are growing closer. For Adult Education this is quite of importance. In the former Yugoslavia the system of Adult Education was formed by the so called „Workers Universities“ and was considered to be a governmental commitment. During the Balkan wars it collapsed almost completely. The rebuild is based mostly on European standards. 

Our partners in the governmental and the non-governmental sector dispose of a variety of experiences on prospects and challenges related to the harmonization with Europe in the educational field. We therefore support an exchange of experience and mutual learning within South-East-Europe and as European networking. Through tailor made study trips and international conferences on adult learning we provide our know-how and foster the rehabilitation of an educational system, which provides access to education, second chance schooling and  lifelong learning.

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Regional Academy – ARA

High quality adult education needs high quality trainers and strong providers. They in turn need training, exchange of experience and innovative ideas. The Regional Academy ARA (Andragogical Regional Academy) tries to offer all of this. She is established to serve pedagogues in adult education as well as managers of educational institutions and imparts knowledge and skills on a variety of themes, covering basics of adult education up to complex management issues. Each training session of the Academy (usually lasting a week) sets a different focus depending on the needs of the respective participants group.

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