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Supporting Adult Education in South East Europe
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dvv international

The German Adult Education Association (DVV) unites about a thousand adult education centres called Volkshochschulen in Germany. DVV’s Institute for International Cooperation (for short: dvv international) supports adult education structures all over the world, particularly in less developed regions in Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe.

Actvities in SEE

Shortly after the political changes of 1989, dvv international established several offices in South Eastern European countries.

At the present there is a strong network of dvv international offices and partner organisations (see map). They help modernise local structures of vocational education and training and disseminate the EU policy of lifelong learning. As a result, they support the process of adjustment to EU standards and help prepare these countries to integrate into the EU. Leading principles are:

  • Employability: better competitive ability in national and international labour markets
  • Tolerance: as a pivotal point for democracy and civil society
  • Integration: a chance to participate in all aspects of society

Offices in South East Europe


dvv international has its own offices currently in Bosnia-Herzegowina, Kosova, Macedonia and Serbia (area marked by darker colour).