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Lifelong learning week

01-04 December 2014-Under the protectorate of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW) and Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports (MYCS), under the coordination and financial support by the office of DVV-International in Kosovo, the "Lifelong learning week" was held in Prishtina from 01 until 04 December 2014. The following activities were held during this week:

·         01.12.2014 - "Adult education and lifelong learning" Conference;

·         02.12.2014 - Discussion table - "Inter-ministerial cooperation and coordination in Kosovo";

·         03.12.2014 - "Edukos" Fair - Promotion and demonstration of adult learning;

·         04.12.2014 - Cultural program from "Vihuela" music school and knowledge Quiz;

The "Adult education and lifelong learning" conference was attended by 77 participants and the current achievements in the field of adult learning and formal and informal learning in Kosovo were presented.Representatives of MEST, MLSW, MYCS, representatives of the European Union, UNICEF, OSCE, Lux Development, EYE, Municipal Directors of Education, Directors of vocational schools, teachers and associates were present at this conference.

On 02 December 2014 the discussion table where it was discussed the inter-ministerial cooperation and coordination in Kosovo in the field of adult learning was held. The debate was attended by 17 participants - Director of departments from MEST, MLSW, MYCS., National Qualifications Authority, private training providers, representatives of donating organizations in Kosovo and representatives of national and international NGOs.

On 03 December 2014 the "Edukos" Fair was opened during which was promoted and demonstrated the work with adults in vocational high schools, vocational training centers, youth centers, private training providers, and several local NGOs. Approximately 36 local providers of formal, non-formal and informal education in Kosovo presented their work. The fair was visited by approximately 1200 visitors from all over Kosovo.

On 04 December 2014 two activities were organized - the Performance from "Vilhuela" Guitar School at the National Library in Prishtina and the Knowledge Quiz at the premises of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

The all inclusive Strategic Plan of Education in Kosovo 2011-2016 is based on the lifelong learning concept. Moreover, the existing legislation, the National Curricula Framework and in particular the National Qualification Framework acknowledge the concept of lifelong learning, whose main element is the creation of educational and training opportunities for adults, who due to various reasons did not manage to conclude the regular schooling or they need to acquire new skills pursuant to the current needs of the labor market and society of Kosovo. 

Such lobbying activities during which was promoted education, encouraged the further development and raised the awareness of the main actors on the importance of developing adult and lifelong learning in Kosovo.