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Regional Projects
Lifelong Learning Advocacy (LLLA)

Creating a Task Force for Educational Development

Lifelong Learning (LLL) is one of the concepts shaping European education policies. Its basic idea is that, in a modern world, learning is not restricted to childhood and youth anymore. Learning should rather be seen as a continual process for as long as one lives. Consequently, a good education policy must offer an institutional setting which facilitates learning processes of individuals at any age, at any time, and in any field such as science, vocation, civic education, health, social skills, etc.

Dissemination of the LLL idea is a major political aim of the European Union. It is linked to the efforts of making Europe the most dynamic economy in the world. There are many programmes for strengthening LLL and adult education in Europe. However, their aims are far from being achieved, especially in South East Europe, where much needs to be done to enhance the learning activities of adults. 

To this end, in 2008 dvv international launched a regional project called LLLA. It aims to help the most outstanding adult education experts in South East Europe to become leading agents for the development of lifelong learning in their countries. As one of its activities, the LLLA project is responsible for organising and supporting the experts from South East Europe for Confintea VI, the International Conference on Adult Education, which will be held in 2009 in Brazil.

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