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History Project: "Remember for the Future"

Reconciliation, Human Rights and Methodology of Teaching

History is extraordinarily “present” in South East European societies. Interpretations of the past, focusing on a national perspective (and disregarding the different point of view of the neighbours), play an important role in the conflicts of the past. Further problems are to be expected if history continues to serve predominantly as an instrument of national ideology. What is needed instead, is a more rational and balanced way of thinking that overcomes traditional notions of “we“ and “the others“. dvv international promotes a sympathetic understanding of the respective „other“ in South East Europe. It organises intercultural events and meetings that help different groups and cultures get to know each other in a new way. One main activity of the History Project is developing modern approaches for history teaching in schools, and providing training courses for the teachers. As a consequence, since 2002, a network of history teachers throughout the region has been established, contributing to interethnic reconciliation. The project also fosters the cross boarder cooperation of ministries and education authorities.

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