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Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Project

 DVV International has been working with Bosnian-Herzegovinan partners since June 2000.

DVV International works active with partners from whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and the range of partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of the most important adult education organizations represented nationwide: these are most of all Non-governmental organizations, centers for education and culture (former Work - and Nation universities), vocational schools and other selected active Governmental - and NGOs. Besides that DVV International works with relevant Ministries, Universities and Pedagogical Offices. Since 2004 we also work on the Education reform in cooperation with OSCE, most of all on the development and strategy of adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Focus of activities:

  • Structural support for providers: assistance with equipment, advanced training provision, professional observation visits, placements and advice
  • Networking and lobbying: e.g. support for the publication of Adult Education journal "Obrazovanje odraslih", the "Lifelong Learning Festival", organization of conferences and in-service training event, and exchange programmes
  • Advice to the Ministries and OSCE on enshrining lifelong learning in legislation
  • Introduction of European systems of certification in the area of computing - (Xpert European Computer Passport) and foreign language learning (TELC - The Language Certificates, Communication and Competence), linked with teacher training
  • Support for educational provision for marginalized groups of the population: the unemployed, ethnic minorities, the disabled and home comers

Activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Construction and development of communication and network structures
  • Partner meeting after 6 years of cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Instruction and advanced training of adult education specialists
  • Didactical and methodological development of adult education teachers by communicating with the Education Office of the Canton Sarajevo
  • Training of trainers for the educational work with adults in BiH
  • Further education of German Teachers Association administration personel in our country and in foreign countries
  • Construction of systems for quality development
  • Creating learning materials
  • Introduction of European language certificate TELC by communicating with WBT Frankfurt
  • Promotion of IT basic education (Xpert)
  • Advanced vocational education
  • Advanced vocational education of teaching staff
  • Education of women for management and secretarial jobs
  • Advanced vocational education of German teachers by communicating with the Goethe Institute
  • Politics consultation and supporting of law initiative
  • Consultation and support of law initiatives by communicating with OSCE in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Construction and development of adult education structures in underdeveloped regions
  • Buying of publications for centres of electronic data processing
  • Buying of publications for TELC centres