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Recent Events in Kosova

Economic empowerment of women in rural areas of Kosovo

February-May, 2014,Women’s Association "Kalabria" operates within the Network of Women of Kosovo, which includes about one hundred non-governmental organizations of Kosovo.This Women’s Association supports its members (women and girls) in developing their family economies and businesses. In producing traditional clothes, establishing mini farms, cultivating vegetables in glasshouses, vocational training by using modern methods to develop their businesses, increasing their productivity, quality and the quality of the milk and other agricultural products. The organization "Kalabria" aims the individual support and cooperation between women’s businesses and other market actors.

Program - "Orientation, Mobility and daily skills for blind people of Kosovo"

February-May 2014,-The integration of people with disabilities, in particular blind people in the public activities and preparing them for independent living is one of the greatest challenges and can be considered as one of the goals of DVV International as well as main goals of the Kosovo Association of the Blind (KABPB)During the past two years, DVV International in Kosovo has supported the Kosovo Association of the Blind in implementing the Literacy project for the blind through the Program - The Braille Alphabet, which was successfully officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo, and is now supported by this Ministry.

Continuing the Project - Training centers in rural areas in Kosovo

During 2013 in four regions in Kosovo, such training centers were active: Deçan, Kaçanik, Podujevë and Skënderaj, in total 187 persons, reported as unemployed were Certified. These training centers so-called Mobile Centers, were first established in 2007, through a three party partnership- DVV International, Ministry of Labor and Social Service (MLSW) and respective municipalities. DVV International provided the training equipment and remuneration for trainers,. 

"Seminar - Modern methodology of adult education"

Prishtina, 23-26 December 2013-DVV International in cooperation with the University of Prishtina - Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Education, organized the three day seminar - Modern methodology of adult education.This seminar was attended by 17 newly graduated young teachers who had no previous experience in the field of adult education. At the schools and other institutions were these teachers are employed are also being implemented non-formal education programs, and it is necessary that these young teachers should at least have basic knowledge on adult teaching methods and their application during the learning process.

Conference "Youth education and employment".

Prishtina,05-06 December 2013-The DVV-International national office in Kosovo in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW) and the Ministry of Culture. Youth and Sports (MCYS), on:  05-06 December 2013 at Hotel Grand in Prishtina organized the conference: "Youth education and employment". This Conference was financed by DVV International office, whereas the logistics and the coordination for its progress was realized in full cooperation with the three above mentioned Ministries.

Creating the employment conditions through vocational training "Sales Assistant"

September - October 2013-dvv international, in cooperation with APPK organization which is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization that is active in the field of economic re-integrations (Vocational Qualification, Trainings, Certifications and Employment Support) has commenced trainings for 20 unemployed persons, at the vocation Sales Assistant.

Drafting model lessons for the Multicultural Education and their publication on the web page

15. September 2013-dvv International - Office in Kosovo, in cooperation with the Kosovo Education Center - KEC, until now has conducted several projects related to the multicultural education.  A large number of teachers, mainly social subjects (about 100), have been trained and certified, than all the necessary materials have been drafted to implement Multicultural Education in schools (Manual, Curricula).

Seminar "Reviewing and implementing the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET)"

22 -23 May 2013 - In cooperation with the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and the European Organization for the Credit System ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) was organized the two day seminar dedicated to the improvement and development of the credit system in Kosovo.

The National Qualifications Authority in Kosovo with the financial support has realized this two days seminar with the aim of developing the implementing mechanisms based on the recommendations of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training. The seminar was led by international experts of ECVET;

Promoting seminar - presenting the report; "Research of the labor market in Mitrovica and Gjakova region"

08. May. 2013 - In cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW), dvv-international office in Kosovo, during March and April 2013, has organized the empirical research of the labor market. Through the direct interviewing of businesses and Associations for business development in Mitrovica and Gjakova regions.The main goal of conducting the labor market research in the above mentioned regions was to provide necessary information for the MLSW/Labor and Employment Department (LED) for the establishing of new vocations at the Vocational Training Centers in Gjakova and Mitrovica, and on orienting the development policies for vocational training and retraining of the employment seekers and other parties interested in vocational trainings in accordance with the demands of the labor market.

Training centers in rural areas of Kosova

January-December 2013 - In cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) also during year 2013 four training centers, so called Mobile Centers, have continued their activities in four less developed regions in Kosova, in Kacanik, Decan, Podujeve and Skenderaj. During the first trimester of 2013 in all these centers 77 course attendees have been certified in the field of Informatics Technology and Business Administration.

Training of blind and partially blind persons - Program "Literacy Braille Alphabet"

1. March - 15 June 2013 - A good number of blind people due to various reasons have not managed to attend the proper schooling at the blind school. Due to the lack of informative assisting technology, mainly because of the lack of means, such as audio software, displays in Braille alphabet, and very limited access to information for blind people which is a great obstacle in their independence in life.

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